30ml Flavour Concentrates

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What are 30ml Flavour Concentrate?

Mt Baker Vapor 30ml Flavour Concentrates/Aromas are 30ml branded bottles filled with Mt Baker Vapor flavour concentrate. Flavour concentrates is what gives E-Juice, or Vape Juice its flavour.

What is special about Mt Baker Vapor 30ml Flavour Concentrates

The e-juice industry is getting more and more crowded with generic brands crafting generic juices. This is why it’s so important to offer a variety of products that can allow you to stand out amongst the throngs of shops offering vaping products. Our 30ml branded Flavour Concentrates offer a great way to appeal to the ever growing DIY market in the vape industry.  Each flavour that we provide is specific to our Mt Baker Vapor brand and can be found nowhere else. All of our flavours have been crafted using only the highest quality of ingredients and have been thoroughly tested.

DIY Market

As the vape industry ages, many of its clientele are developing more refined pallets. They are no longer satisfied with being forced to buy a product that isn’t exactly what they want. These customers make up what is commonly called the DIY Market. While most vapers are content to buy finished product that is ready to vape, there are many others who enjoy crafting their own e liquid or altering the finished product that they have already bought.

The common fear of many store owners is that if they carry DIY products, they will risk decreasing their profit margins. They worry it will encourage their normal customers to craft their own e-liquid and stop buying finished product. We have found the opposite of this to be true. What offering DIY products does is broaden your appeal to a whole new connoisseur customer base. These customers tend to be very avid vapers and very loyal to stores who go the extra mile to cater to their needs. By carrying Mt Baker Vapor DIY products, you are showing that your store isn’t just another generic shop. Instead, it is a place where vapers can go to enhance their vaping experience.

Mt Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the E-juice industry. Since 2011, we have been providing quality e-juice products to a world wide customer base. When you purchase our 30ml Flavour Concentrates/Aromas, you can rest assured you are purchasing world class flavours that have been crafted by industry experts.