Flavour Concentrates

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What is Flavour Concentrates?

Flavour concentrates is what gives E-Juice, or Vape Juice its flavour. That is why it is so important to select the correct flavouring when when you create your own e-liquid. At Mt Baker Vapor International, we try to make that choice a bit easier for you.

What is special about Mt Baker Vapor Flavour Concentrates

Mt Baker Vapor has been creating and testing different flavours of E-juice since the industry began. That is why at Mt Baker Vapor International Wholesale we not only sell over 150 flavours of E-Juice flavour concentrates. We also sell you the years we have spent crafting and honing the art of making the perfect American made E-Liquid flavouring.

Flavour Concentrates from partner brands

To further meet your flavour concentrates needs, we have started carry the flavour bases of other great American brands. These brands include: Mr Vape USA, Loverly by Elixir Labs, Cream, Steamery and the list is growing every week.

Make your own E-juice

At Mt Baker Vapor International Wholesale we offer you a unique approach to making your own eliquid. We not only allow you to use our brand name when you use our flavourings to make your own e-juice. We encourage it! You are also free to use our flavour concentrates to make your own store branded juice. Either way, you gain a handy tool to customize your products to suit your customers needs.

Increase your profits by bottling your own e-juice

The e-cig market getting more and more crowded with brands. As a result, its also getting harder to stock the ever changing “hot e-liquid brand of the month.” This is leaving many stores with an overstock of inventory after a brand or flavour goes out of style. At Mt Baker Vapor, we have a solution to avoid that. By purchasing our flavour concentrates and bottling your own e-juice, you can massively decrease the stock of finished e-liquids you need to carry. This also allows you to craft e-liquids to suit your customers needs and provide them with the perfect vaping experience.

We can help you craft your own e-juice

Upon request, Mt Baker Vapor International Wholesale customers who purchase our flavour concentrates will be provided with an easy “cheat sheet.” This sheet provides you with all the necessary information you will need to create your own shortfills or nic’d e-juice. We will also gladly provide you with one-on-one teaching to assist you learning how to utilize the provided information.

Rebottle into smaller bottles for DIY users

The possibilities provided by purchasing Mt Baker Vapor flavour concentrates doesn’t end at creating customized E-Juice. Many of our customers have found success in creating Mt Baker Vapor DIY Flavour Shots. By doing this, they have opened up their product options to appeal to the ever growing customer base that prefers to DIY their e-juice. This option is great way to get an edge in the crowded e-cig industry.