Premixed E-liquid

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What is Bulk Pre Mixed E-Liquid?

Bulk Pre Mixed E-Liquid is fully mixed and ready to vape e-liquid that comes in large, bulk containers. Our Mt Baker Vapor bulk premixed e-liquid comes in both 500ml or gallon containers and is available in all of our Mt baker Vapor flavours. We also offer a variety of blends and multiple nic and salt nic strengths. At Mt Baker Vapor International Wholesale, we strive to allow you the highest level of customization to suit your e-liquid needs.

Blends and Nic Strenths

Mt Baker Vapor bulk-eliquid is available in both normal nicotine and salt nicotine in the following strengths: 0nic, 3nic, 6nic, 9nic, 12nic, 15nic, 18nic, 21nic, 24nic, 27nic and 30 nic. The blends are offered in: 70pg/30vg, 50pg/50vg, 30pg/70vg and Max VG.

Why should I purchase Mt Baker Vapor Bulk Premixed E-Liquid?

Buying our bulk premixed e-liquid offers you a great way to make to increase your margins. When you buy e-liquid in bulk and rebottle it yourself, you are effectively becoming your own manufacturer. As a result, you will cut out the middle man and pocket all the profit for yourself. You also massively increase the variety of flavours/blends/nic strengths you can offer while decreasing the amount of stock you need to carry. Most importantly, you get full access to all of our timeless Mt Baker Vapor flavours. With over one hundred flavours to choose from, you can find just the juice to meet your customer’s needs. All our flavours are all made in the USA.

Rebottle as your own store brand or as Mt Baker Vapor.

The choice is totally up to you. If you use our brand name, you are getting access to one of the oldest and most recognizable brands in the E-Juice industry. Alternatively, rebottling it as your own store brand directs customer loyalty directly to your store.