Shortfills (50ml)

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What are Mt Baker Vapor Shortfills?

Mt Baker Vapor Shortfills (50ml) come in 26 of our most popular and iconic flavours. As one of America’s oldest and most trusted brands, each of the flavours that we provide is specific to our Mt Baker Vapor brand. Our trademark variety of high quality flavours reflects the many years we have spent honing and perfecting our Ejuice. All of our flavours have been crafted using only the highest quality of ingredients and have been thoroughly tested. Because our Mt Baker Vapor Shortfills (50ml) come in our easy to read and highly reflective chrome bottles, they will easily stand out on any store shelf.

What is a Shortfill?

Mt Baker Vapor Shortfills (50ml) are a 60ml bottle of ejuice, that is filled to 50mls with 0nic Ejuice. This allows 10mls of space in the bottle for a 10ml nicshot to be added. Under EU regulations, any Ejuice bottle containing nicotine must be limited to a 10ml capacity. This creates a cost effective way to purchase ejuice in a larger capacity, while still conforming to TPD laws.

How do you prepare a  Mt Baker Vapor Shortfills (50ml)?

Open your Mt Baker Vapor shortfill bottle and remove the nozzle. Next you need to open your Nic Shot 18mg or 20mg bottle and remove the nozzle. Once this is done, you will pour your nic shot into the shortfill bottle and refit the bottle nozzle.When the bottle nozzle is securely in place, shake the bottle vigorously for 15- 20 seconds to ensure that the ejuice and nicotine blend together. You now pour your Mt Baker Vapor Ejuice into your favourite mod and vape away! It should be noted that some flavours will taste better if they are given a few days to further blend the ejuice with the nicotine.