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Mt Baker Vapor International

Welcome to Mt Baker Vapor International. All of our flavours are unique to us and are made with only the highest quality ingredients.

Our commitment to developing a wide range of amazing flavours, which are produced to the highest standards, has led to Mt Baker Vapor being one of the oldest and most well established brands in the vape industry. Thanks to efficient shipping, outstanding customer service, and affordable products, we have shipped over 1.5 million orders to people across more than 150 countries globally. When you purchase Mt Baker Vapor ejuice products, rest assured that you are purchasing 10 years of innovation and experience that is rivaled by no other company. Whether it’s e-liquid or flavour concentrate , we offer a one stop shop that can supply you with all your vaping needs.

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Custom E-Juice/Custom Shortfills

Unique to Mt Baker Vapor International is our dedication to providing you with the exact type of e-liquid to suit your individual needs. On our website, you can easily craft your own custom Mt Baker Vapor e-juice. When you craft your own Mt Baker Vapor E-liquid, you are able to customize the following:

4 Different Blends
9 Different Nic Strengths
Salt-Nic/Regular Nic
125ml/250ml Bottles
Extra Flavour Concentrate
Add Ice/Sweetener

With all the different brands on the market right now, why compromise on what you want? With over 160 time tested flavours available here, why not have your e-liquid crafted specifically for you?

DIY Flavour Concentrates and Aromas

Mt Baker Vapor International is a true one stop shop for all kinds of vapers. DIY’ers will be in heaven when they see that all of our flavours are available in 30ml Flavour Concentrates. With our 30ml Flavour Concentrates and Aromas, you can mix and match whichever flavours you want in the comfort of your own home. Making your own e-liquid with our flavour concentrates is a fun and fulfilling experience. Like cooking a great meal, crafting your e-liquid can be rewarding because the product you are creating is your own. And great meals often require good, wholesome ingredients. That is why when you use our flavour concentrates to craft your own e-liquid, you are using great ingredients that will allow you to craft an e-liquid that you love.

Mt Baker Vapor Around the World

At Mt Baker Vapor International we offer quality e-juice and flavour concentrates to almost anywhere in the world. Whether it’s Australia, Saudi Arabia, or the UK, we are here to provide you with quality Mt Baker Vapor products. No matter how much e-liquid you order you pay one flat rate. Our factory direct pricing also means that you won’t be paying the added costs of a middle man.