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Custom Shortfills

Mt Baker Vapor Custom Shortfills in Europe and the UK

For many years it was difficult for our European customers to purchase Mt Baker Vapor products. They either had to buy it and pay for the shipping from overseas or they had to buy it from a rebottler. But no longer is this a hassle. Why you ask? Because Mt Baker Vapor now has a retail center in the UK. We can ship you quality Mt Baker Vapor custom shortfills to anywhere in Europe with ultra fast service and inexpensive shipping. Find out more below.

Custom E-Juice to Europe

At Mt Baker Vapor International we pride ourselves in providing quality e-juice at low prices. We also offer more variety than any of our competitors. Our custom shortfills take much of the headache out of TPD. They come in over 170 different flavours with options to customize your e-juice to suite your needs. Ever had a hard time finding a bottle of e-juice that has 6mg/ml nic strength? We have that! Ever want a 30vg/70pg blend with 12mg/ml? We have that!

We have just about every possible combination of blend, nic strength, nic type and flavour you could possibly ever need. By making every order from scratch, we can custom build you the perfect shortfill to suit your needs. We also offer the ability to add ice or sweetness to any flavour! Why is this great for Europe? Because instead of buying e-liquid locally, you can get it directly from us. In our large bottles that are affordably priced you can actually SAVE money when buying from us. And get the exact e-juice you want!

Flat rate shipping to Europe!

We offer great flat rate shipping to Europe. This means that no matter how much e-juice you order, you will pay a flat rate. We like to think of ourselves as the Costco of e-liquid. Lets see how it all works. You come into our webshop and craft the exact type of e-liquid you want. Then you fill up your cart. You will notice that we have a constant deal where if you buy 5 of the same product type, you only pay for 4! So now you will notice that your 5th bottle is free!

Mt Baker Vapor Flavours in Europe

At a vape expo I once met a customer who said he had spent five years trying to clone Hawk Sauce. He finally came to the realization that it’s not possible! What am I getting at with this story! Our flavours are great! For over 9 years we have been selling e-liquid to the entire world. Our vast amount of time in this industry has given us years to craft different flavours. Just because we offer so many different flavours, doesn’t mean that they aren’t all quality.

Our whole company was founded by vapers. For years and years, those vapers were also crafting liquids that they wanted to vape. So our flavours weren’t created willy-nilly, but instead honed by hard core vapers that knew what kind of flavours they wanted. So know that whichever flavour you choose from Mt Baker Vapor, you are getting a flavour that was crafted by a vape wizard.