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Flavour Concentrates

What is Flavour Concentrate?

Flavour concentrates is what gives E-Juice, or Vape Juice its flavour. It is the component that, when added to PG, VG, and Nicotine, makes flavoured E-Juice.

What is special about Mt Baker Vapor Flavour Concentrates

Mt Baker Vapor is one of the oldest and most trusted brand in the industry. When you buy our Flavour Concentrates, you are buying the special component that gives our juice it’s flavour. Buying concentrate also allows you the opportunity to become a vape wizard yourself. By changing the amount of concentrate you use in your ejuice, you can adjust the amount of flavour that your final product will have. Buying concentrate also allows you to become a mixing wizard! Making your own juice allows you to mix flavours and craft your own ejuice creations.

Mt Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the E-juice industry. Since 2011, we have been providing quality e-juice products to a world wide customer base. When you purchase our Flavour Concentrates/Aromas, you can rest assured you are purchasing world class flavours that have been crafted by industry experts.