Banana Nut Bread (30/125/250ml Concentrate)


Embark on a delectable journey with Mt Baker Vapor’s Banana Nut Bread e-liquid, a timeless classic that brings the warm comfort of freshly baked goodness to your vaping experience. Picture a cosy kitchen, filled with the irresistible aroma of ripe bananas, toasted nuts, and a hint of vanilla, all expertly blended to recreate the homely essence of Grandma’s secret recipe.

With each inhale, savour the sweet embrace of ripe bananas, their creamy richness unfolding on your taste buds. As you exhale, the medley of oven-baked nuts adds a satisfying crunch, elevating the experience to a whole new level of indulgence. The undertones of warm, golden-brown bread, kissed with a touch of vanilla, create a symphony of flavours that lingers on your palate, inviting you to relish every moment.

Mt Baker Vapor’s Banana Nut Bread is more than just an e-liquid; it’s a journey into the heart of comfort and nostalgia. Perfectly balanced, this blend captures the essence of a homemade treat, bringing you the wholesome taste of freshly baked banana nut bread without stepping foot in the kitchen. Allow the warmth and sweetness to envelop you with each puff, as this e-liquid becomes your go-to companion for moments of relaxation and pure, unadulterated satisfaction.


Mt Baker Vapor’s Flavour Concentrate is perfect for vapers who like to craft their own customized E-Liquids, from DIY enthusiasts to those who are looking for a more cost effective way to vape.

Banana Nut Bread Flavour Concentrate is a custom made flavour that is unique to our brand. All of our flavours have been crafted using only the most quality ingredients and are backed by real science. Mt Baker Vapor is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the E-Juice industry, so when you purchase any of our products, you can rest assured that it’s backed by our many years of experience in the vaping industry.

We recommend mixing our flavour concentrate at approximately 20% per total volume of e-liquid.

Additional information

Weight 300 g

30ml, 125ml, 250ml

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