Wild Ice (125/250ml)


Experience the exhilarating chill of Mt Baker Vapor’s Wild Ice, a tantalizing blend that transports you to the heart of a frozen wilderness. Picture a vast tundra, where the crisp breeze carries the essence of wild berries, mint, and a touch of mystery. This e-liquid is a symphony of untamed flavours, carefully crafted to unleash an Arctic blast on your taste buds.

With every inhale, Wild Ice unveils the wild side of nature with a burst of mixed berries — sweet, juicy, and perfectly ripe. As you exhale, a rush of icy menthol envelopes your senses, creating an invigorating sensation reminiscent of a brisk breeze across a snow-covered landscape. The fusion of fruit and frost creates a harmonious balance, offering a thrilling escape into the wilderness of flavour.

Mt Baker Vapor’s Wild Ice isn’t just a vape; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. The wild berries dance on your palate, while the icy exhale leaves a refreshing trail, making each puff an exploration into the unknown. Embrace the untamed allure of Wild Ice as it takes you on a journey through the frozen wonders of flavour, leaving you refreshed, revitalized, and craving more.


Mt Baker Vapor’s Wild Ice Custom E-Liquid is made to order to whichever specifications you want. Our Custom E-liquids are great in that they allow you to completely customize your e-juice to suit your needs. With a wide range of nic strengths and blends, you can choose the exact combination that you need and in a bottle size that allows you to get the most bang for your buck. Since all our juice is made fresh to order, the flavour profile will improve if allowed to steep a few weeks.

All of our flavours have been thoroughly tested and are made using only the highest quality of ingredients. When you buy Mt Baker Vapor E-Liquid, you are buying the many years we have spent innovating and improving the art of flavour creation.

Additional information


125ml, 250ml

Nicotine (mg/ml)

Nicotine Free, 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24

Nicotine (type)

Regular, Salts


Max VG, 70 VG, 50 VG, 30 VG

Extra Flavour

Standard blend, +15%, +30%, +45%

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