Woodland Raspberry (125/250ml)


Mt Baker Vapor’s Woodland Raspberry, a symphony of nature’s finest elements captured in every puff. Picture yourself strolling through a sun-dappled forest, where ripe raspberries hang like jewels, ready to be plucked. This e-liquid seamlessly blends the sweet and tart essence of freshly picked woodland raspberries, delivering a burst of flavour that dances on your palate.

Each inhale immerses you in the luscious sweetness of sun-kissed raspberries, while the exhale unveils a subtle undertone of earthy notes, reminiscent of the natural surroundings. Woodland Raspberry is a vaping experience that transports you to a tranquil forest oasis, where the pure, untamed beauty of raspberries is harnessed for your pleasure.

Let the enchanting aroma and rich flavour profile of Woodland Raspberry from Mt Baker Vapor whisk you away on a journey through the heart of the woods, where every vape is a celebration of the bountiful harvest nature has to offer. Savour the essence of the forest with this exquisite raspberry creation, carefully crafted to elevate your vaping experience to new heights.


Mt Baker Vapor’s Woodland Raspberry Custom E-Liquid is made to order to whichever specifications you want. Our Custom E-liquids are great in that they allow you to completely customize your e-juice to suit your needs. With a wide range of nic strengths and blends, you can choose the exact combination that you need and in a bottle size that allows you to get the most bang for your buck. Since all our juice is made fresh to order, the flavour profile will improve if allowed to steep a few weeks.

All of our flavours have been thoroughly tested and are made using only the highest quality of ingredients. When you buy Mt Baker Vapor E-Liquid, you are buying the many years we have spent innovating and improving the art of flavour creation.

Additional information


125ml, 250ml

Nicotine (mg/ml)

Nicotine Free, 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24

Nicotine (type)

Regular, Salts


Max VG, 70 VG, 50 VG, 30 VG

Extra Flavour

Standard blend, +15%, +30%, +45%

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