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Cheap but Great Vapes! This week’s Flavours of the Week

Flavours of the Week- Afternoon Delight, Watermelon and Maui Sunrise

Once again we are digging deep into our classic line up and pulling forth some epic vape flavours. This week you can get 20% off these tropical Mt Baker Vapor classics: Afternoon Delight, Maui Sunrise and Watermelon

Afternoon Delight

Mt Baker Vapor’s Afternoon Delight is a tropical classic that is a straight up blend of banana, coconut and pineapple. When this flavour was originally created back in 2013, we went to some lengths to try and make sure that each component flavour was equally balanced. For those vapers who have tried to make their own ejuice know, this can be a bit tricky as the steeping process changes flavour at the various stages of steeping. But luckily, back in 2013, every employee we had mixing for us was also a vaper, so they were able to tinker and tinker with this until it was perfect. I’m not sure which employee crafted this one, but there is a high probability it was one of the original owners (Jesse Webb). If you are curious about this flavour, check out this nice young man’s review on it HERE. Those that actually read this blog will be delighted to see that this review was actually done by someone within the last few years!


Mt Baker Vapor’s Watermelon ejuice is pretty easy to describe. It tastes like watermelon. For you vape historians out there (all 2 of us), this is another old one that goes back to 2012-2013. The more I write these Flavour of the Week blogs, the more I feel like the last scribe discussing a fallen empire of the past. Nobody remembers this shit and nobody cares! But it’s great for SEO apparently. Anyway, Watermelon tastes like Watermelons and I couldn’t find an old review of it on you tube so you will just have to take my word for it.

Maui Sunrise

In keeping with this week’s tropical theme (it’s the middle of November…we need SOMETHING to brighten up this awful month) we selected Maui Sunrise as our third flavour of the week. This Mt Baker Vapor beast of a flavour is a straight up blend of Guava and Pineapple.  It’s always been a middle of the pack seller, never the best but always consistent. If you are curious about what this flavour offers, you can check out this kind lady’s review HERE.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Next week I will try harder to find something more interesting to say about whichever flavours we end up picking.