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Cheap E-Liquid in the UK

Mt Baker Vapor in the UK

Mt Baker Vapor International has always been great on price. Since we started back in 2011, our focus has always been on price, variety, fast shipping and customer service. We now have a branch in the UK to better cater our UK vaping customers. Read on to see all the great products that we offer to the UK at the best prices.

Cheap Custom Shortfills

Why compromise on your e-liquid? Why not have the exact blend, nic strength and flavour you want? When you shop at your local shop, odds are you are not going to be able to get a 120ml bottle of high pg e-juice in a high nic strength. There is a way around this. We’ve created our trademark Mt Baker Vapor custom shortfills. We are able to offer this cheap e-liquid to the UK because we make each bottle of e-liquid to order. Our easy to use webshop allows you to custom make your shortfill to your exact specifications. Those specifications include:

4 Different Blends
174 Classic Mt Baker Vapor Flavours
7 Different Nic Strengths (After Nic Shots Added)
Extra Flavour Shots
Add Cooling to Any Flavour
Make Any Flavour Sweeter
Pricing Starts at £11 per 120ml

Cheap UK E-liquid/Quality UK E-Liquid

The words cheap and quality usually don’t go hand in hand. But at Mt Baker Vapor International we offer cheap e-liquid to the UK at the highest levels of quality. We are one of the only major brands that offers factory direct pricing. Whenever you order any products off our website, you are getting it directly from us and not paying any markup from a middle man. It’s also cost effective that when you purchase from us, you are getting the exact e-juice you want.

DIY And Save-The Cheapest Way to Get E-Liquid

One thing Mt Baker Vapor DIY customers in the UK know is that the cheapest way to make e-liquid is to make it yourself. That is why at Mt Baker Vapor International we offer over 170 classic Mt Baker Vapor flavours in 30ml Concentrates. We also have a whole DIY section where UK vapers can purchase whatever they need to make their own e-liquid.

Cheap E-Liquid in the UK