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Mt Baker Vapor Freebies

Candy for Mt Baker Vapor Vapers

Whenever our customers purchase any e-liquid products from Mt Baker Vapor International, they will find a free surprise in their package. From now on, all orders big or small will come with free candy! But that’s not all. Because we love our customers and want them to feel as special as we think they are, we also throw in a free bottle of e-juice with their order.

Free Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice

Any order made at Mt Baker Vapor International will get a free 50ml Shortfill. To select the flavour, we look over your order and try to find a flavour we think you would like to try. For example, if you order a Forestberry Fusion Custom E-Liquid, we will send you something like Razzleberry or Blueberry. If you have any requests as to which e-juice flavour you would like to try, please feel free to let us know if the comments section of your order.

Swag is King

As many of our vape customers have come to know, our freebies don’t stop and free candy and e-juice. Every customer also gets a free Mt Baker Vapor International sticker. Why do we throw in so much free stuff with every order? Because we love our customers…and we want them to be happy! But we know that free stuff doesn’t necessarily make everything perfect. That is why whenever our customers are unhappy with any product they purchase from us, we do everything we can to make it right. For instance, if a customer is unhappy with a flavour that we have purchased from us, we will go ahead and let them select a different flavour and send it to them at no cost!

Mt Baker Vapor E-Liquid Products

At Mt Baker Vapor International, we know that our vape customers come to us for variety, price, fast shipping and customer service. We might not have the fanciest labels, but we do offer quality e-juice that is custom made just for you. And no other major brand can compete with us on prices. Our products range from:

Mt Baker Vapor CBD E-Liquid
DIY Flavour Concentrates
Custom E-Liquid
Custom Shortfills
50ml Shortfills

No matter what you need in terms of e-juice, we strive to have you covered.

Mt Baker Vapor Freebies