Berry Crunch Cereal (30/125/250ml Concentrate)


Mt Baker Vapor’s Berry Crunch Cereal, a tantalizing symphony of vibrant berries and golden crunchy goodness that will transport your taste buds to breakfast bliss. Immerse yourself in the delightful fusion of sun-ripened strawberries, succulent blueberries, and juicy raspberries, creating a burst of fruity sweetness with every inhale.

Complementing this berry extravaganza is the satisfying crunch of perfectly toasted cereal flakes, providing a hearty and wholesome foundation to the flavor profile. The cereal notes bring a nostalgic touch, reminiscent of your favorite morning bowl, while maintaining a delectable balance with the luscious berries.

As you vape, you’ll experience the harmonious marriage of the crisp cereal undertones and the juicy berry medley, creating a truly satisfying and well-rounded flavor journey. Mt Baker Vapor’s Berry Crunch Cereal is not just an e-liquid; it’s a flavorful celebration that captures the essence of a classic breakfast treat in every puff. Embrace the nostalgia and let the symphony of berries and crunch transport you to a world of vaping delight.


Mt Baker Vapor’s Flavour Concentrate is perfect for vapers who like to craft their own customized E-Liquids, from DIY enthusiasts to those who are looking for a more cost effective way to vape.

Berry Crunch Cereal Flavour Concentrate is a custom made flavour that is unique to our brand. All of our flavours have been crafted using only the most quality ingredients and are backed by real science. Mt Baker Vapor is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the E-Juice industry, so when you purchase any of our products, you can rest assured that it’s backed by our many years of experience in the vaping industry.

We recommend mixing our flavour concentrate at approximately 20% per total volume of e-liquid.

Additional information

Weight 300 g

30ml, 125ml, 250ml

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