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Understanding and Addressing Coughing While Vaping

Understanding and Addressing Coughing While Vaping

Coughing while using vape products is a common concern, particularly for newcomers or those transitioning from traditional smoking. Understanding the reasons behind this occurrence is crucial
for an optimal vaping experience.

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Why You Cough While Vaping

If you find yourself coughing while vaping, there are several potential reasons, each with corresponding solutions to enhance your experience.

Damaged Cilia:

Explanation: Smoking can damage cilia, hair-like structures along the airways that facilitate debris and mucus removal for irritation-free breathing.

Solution: Coughing may result as cilia regenerate. This is a temporary reaction during the repair process.

E-Juice Ingredients:

Explanation: Approximately 9% of the global population is allergic to propylene glycol, a key ingredient in e-liquids, which can lead to frequent coughing.

Solution: Opt for e-liquids favoring vegetable glycerin over propylene glycol to alleviate allergies and ensure a smoother experience.

Nicotine Levels:

Explanation: High nicotine levels can cause a throat hit, leading to coughing, especially if the level is overwhelming.

Solution: Reduce nicotine levels for a smoother and cough-free vaping session.

Poor-Quality E-Juice:

Explanation: Investing in low-quality e-liquids with imbalanced compositions, high nicotine levels, or an incorrect VG/PG ratio can trigger coughing.

Solution: Choose high-quality vape liquids from reputable sellers, ensuring proper brewing and balanced composition.

Vaping Technique:

Explanation: Incorrect vaping techniques, common among beginners, can contribute to coughing.

Solution: For novices, the Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) technique is recommended initially, providing a gentler experience. Direct-to-Lung (DL) method is suitable for experienced users.


Understanding the factors contributing to coughing while vaping empowers users to make informed choices for a more enjoyable experience. Whether it’s adapting to a new technique, selecting the right e-juice, or ensuring proper ingredient compatibility, addressing these elements will contribute to a smoother vaping journey.