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E-Liquid in Inverness

Inverness and E-Liquid

Mt Baker Vapor has become a truly international brand. Many people think that Mt Baker Vapor is just an American brand. This is no longer true! We now have a manufacturing and corporate headquarter in Bonny Scotland! What does this mean for vapers in Inverness? It means that you can now order your e-liquid directly from us in Scotland! By ordering from us, you get the advantage of getting your product fast, and also paying factory direct pricing. Your shipping rates are also super low. Since we offer flat rate shipping via Royal Mail, no matter how much e-juice you order in Inverness, you only pay one low rate.

Mt Baker Vapor in Inverness

Back in the day our customers in Inverness would be able to get their Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice from Vaporized (or as it is now called VPZ). We no longer do business with this particular company. Though they have a new VPZ American e-juice line with Mt Baker Vapor names, it must be noted that these flavours are not actual Mt Baker Vapor flavours. If they tell you otherwise, please do not believe them. If you are in the market for real Mt Baker Vapor e-liquid in Inverness, you can buy it from us directly.

Custom Shortfills-Cheapest Way to Get E-liquid in Inverness

TPD has made vaping a pain in the neck. If you want anything with nicotine already in it, you have to buy small 10mls. These 10mls are usually the only way that you can get anything in higher pg blends, or high nic strengths. We’ve come up with a solution to that. At Mt Baker Vapor International, we now offer custom shortfills. Our custom shortfills allow you to create just about any blend and nic strength (after nic shots added) in an awesomely affordable 120ml bottle. We like to think of ourselves as the Costco of E-liquid! Here are all the different variables you can adjust when you craft your own custom shortfill on our web page:

174 Classic Mt Baker Vapor Flavours
Four Different Blends (Max VG, 70VG/30PG, 50VG/50VG, 30VG/70PG)
Seven Potential Nic Strengths (after nic shots added)
Add Flavour Shots (increase the flavour of e-liquid)
Add Ice/Sweetener to any flavour

Flavour Concentrate in Inverness

Many people like to craft their own e-liquid. For our customers in Inverness we have you covered. We offer 174 of our classic Mt Baker Vapor flavours in 30ml Flavour Concentrates. To craft your own e-juice, all you do is add your flavour concentrate to PG, VG and voila, you have found the cheapest way to make e-liquid! If you want nicotine, just add the required nic shots you want. If you have any questions on how to craft your own e-liquid, please feel free to contact us at and we will give you all the information you need. We may even send you a free starter pack to start crafting your own Mt Baker Vapor e-liquid!

CBD E-Liquid in Inverness

CBD has become a natural and holistic way to help a myriad of ailments. From anxiety reduction to pain relief, CBD has been shown to help. One of the most effective ways to get CBD into your system is to vape it! That is why at Mt Baker Vapor International, we now offer our customers in Inverness five of our best flavours in a CBD E-Liquid.

E-Liquid in Inverness-The Easy Way

So there you have it. If you are a vaper in Inverness and want an easy way to get your vape products, look no further than Mt Baker Vapor International. We offer more flavours and more e-liquid options than any other major brand. Our fast shipping and factory direct pricing means getting e-liquid in Inverness has never been easier or cheaper.