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Cheapest E-Liquid in Scotland

The Best Way to Get Cheap but Great E-Liquid in Scotland

There is a new way to get cheap e-liquid with great quality in Scotland! Mt Baker Vapor has opened a new international branch in Scotland that will allow you to buy high quality e-liquid and other vape products at the cheapest prices! At Mt Baker Vapor International, Scottish vapers can choose from over 177 flavours of e-liquid, in just about any blend and nic strength. Our flat rate shipping, factory direct pricing, massive variety make Mt Baker Vapor International the go to place to get cheap, but high quality e-liquid in Scotland.

MBV Flavours

What makes Mt Baker Vapor International so special is that we offer just about every flavour that Mt Baker Vapor has ever had! With over 170 flavours, you are sure to find your favourite. We’ve also introduced our Custom Shortfills. These are special in that they allow you to craft the perfect e-juice. Our large bottle sizes and factory direct pricing make it the cheapest way to get e-juice in Scotland. With our custom shortfills, you get to choose from:

4 Different Blends
Added Flavour Shots
Nic Strengths up to 12 nic (with nic shots added)
Add Ice/Sweetener to any flavour
120ml Bottle Size

These have been a big hit to all our customers in Scotland. They are a great value and allow you to get the exact type e-liquid that you require and the cheapest prices.

Cheap, but Great Flavour Concentrate

Scotland has a very large DIY vaping community. Making your own e-liquid from scratch is the cheapest way to vape. And at Mt Baker Vapor International we offer over 150 flavours of flavour concentrate at some of the cheapest prices found in the UK. By crafting your own e-juice you are able to save money and enjoy the fun art of crafting e-liquid. Just like cooking, making your own e-juice is a fun and rewarding experience. With our Flavour Concentrates, our Scottish customers have access to great ingredients, which is crucial to crafting great e-juice.

Fast Shipping and Great Customer Service

We love our Scottish customers and we know that without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. Throughout the years we have sold lots of Mt Baker Vapor e-juice to Scotland and this was a strong reason for us setting up shop in Scotland. In the spirit of that, we offer cheap shipping from the UK with same day order fulfillment on orders made before 1pm GMT. We also offer flat rate shipping, so that the more you buy, the more you save. We also offer our Scottish customers the promise that if for any reason they are not happy with their order, we will do everything we can to fix the problem. If you should have any questions or problems, you can always email us at and we will get you taken care of.
Cheapest E-Liquid in Scotland