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Vape Sale 2023

Autumn Vape Sale 2023 at Mt Baker Vapor

At Mt Baker Vapor we love to celebrate the changes of the season. How are we celebrating Autumn? We  are having a huge sale on all of our vape products!

15% Off All Vape Products and Eliquid

Mt Baker Vapor loves to keep things simple. That is why when we have a sale, we make it on everything we offer! From Hawk Sauce vape to Extreme Ice custom eliquid, our sales span the entire breadth of all our products. Need a disposable vape pen? We have that! Need USA Blend Tobacco in high PG, we have that! All you need to do is use code “AUTUMN23” at checkout, and you will have 15% taken off your final order.

Lowest vape prices getting even lower with our sales

Mt Baker Vapor has always prided itself on providing the cheapest eliquid and vape products, while using the best ingredients. Our 250mls start at the low price of only £15. Most other brands sell their 60ml bottles for that price! We are able to price our products so competitively because we make all our vape juice in house, using our tried and practiced methods. Our ejuice comes in the following varieties:

4 Different PG/VG Blends
9 Different Nic Strengths
Added Flavour Shots
Add Cooler/Sweetener to any flavour
125/250ml Bottle Size

As if this wasn’t enough, every order our customers purchase also comes with a free 10ml travel bottle for every large bottle purchased. And if you don’t believe us, check out the testimony of our many customers on our Trust Pilot page.

Flat Rate Shipping of Vape adds to your savings

With our flat rate shipping, no matter how much E-uice buy, your shipping rates stay the same. That means the more you buy, the more you save. Our shipping rates may seem high, but you need to remember that we won’t raise the rate, no matter how much you buy.

Customer Service

What sets us apart from other e-juice retailers that ship internationally is that even if your order gets rejected or destroyed at customs, we will remake and reship your order, often at no extra cost to you. So head on over to our retail shop at to place your e-liquid order and know with confidence that you will get the products you have paid for.