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Australia Vapers-How to Tell if Your Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice is Legit

Where and Where Not to Get Your Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice in Australia

We have been serving Australia with E-Juice since we started the company in 2011. We love our Australian customers and want to make sure that when they purchase Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice, that is exactly what they are getting. In this week’s blog, we are going to show you how to know that you are getting Mt Baker Vapor and not a clone.

Legitimate Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice in Australia

All Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice in Australia comes from two sources. Either from Mt Baker Vapor International in the UK, or from NZVAPOR. There are currently no exceptions to this. You can easily tell the NZVAPOR product by the label. To see exactly what the label looks like, head over to their website at If a shop is selling these styles of bottles, then it is a legitimate Mt Baker Vapor product.

The other way to make sure that the E-Juice you are getting is Mt Baker Vapor is from us directly at Mt Baker Vapor International. On our webshop, we custom make your juice to order. We don’t sell these products wholesale. Any other shop in Australia saying they are selling custom Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice is lying to you.

Fake Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice

There are several sites in Australia that are currently marketing Mt Baker Vapor products. Some of them are simply selling off old Mt Baker Vapor concentrate that they purchased years ago. Others are flat out selling fake Mt Baker Vapor Products. As a courtesy to all our Australia customers, please avoid the following sites:


Report Fake Sites:

Suspicious about whether a site is selling legitimate Mt Baker Vapor products? Just send us an inquiry at and we can let you know if they are legit or not.

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