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Make the Switch to Vaping Your New Years Resolution

Lithuania! It’s time to kick the cigs and get to vaping! This year our goal is to turn as many smokers as possible in Lithuania into vapers! Smoking is an endemic problem for many Lithuanian smokers. And each year millions of Lithuanian smokers make quitting smoking their New Year’s Resolution. And sadly, many fail and are back to smoking the death sticks by February. At Mt Baker Vapor International, we make quitting smoking and switching to vaping easy. With more different flavours than any other brand, we are sure to offer you the perfect flavour to help you kick the cigs. With our custom made vape products, you’re bound to find your perfect E-Juice on our easy to use webpage.

Custom Vape Products

At Mt Baker Vapor, we know that every person out there has different tastes. That is why we developed a revolutionary new way to vape. With our custom shortfills, you can craft the exact e-liquid you want. We’ve even found a way so that you can get higher nicotine products in bottle sizes bigger than 10mls? How do we do that? We make custom shortfills! With out custom shortfills, our Lithuanian customers can add multiple nic shots to get their e-liquid all the way up to 12mg/ml nic strength. But higher nic strength isn’t all. Our Lithuanian vape customers can also customize your e-juice in the following ways:

Four Different E-Juice Blends
172 Classic Mt Baker Vapor Flavours
Affordable 120ml Bottle Sizes
Cooling to Any Flavour
Sweetener to Any Flavour
Extra Flavour Shots to Any Shortfill

New Year’s Giveaway

Because we want to put our money where our mouth is, we are offering all our Lithuanian customers some assistance to help them quit smoking. To help turn more smokers into vapers, Mt Baker Vapor is hosting a giveaway this New Years. To enter, head over to our instagram page and follow the simple rules that are detailed in the post. The winner will win 10 bottles of free shortfills. Here are the flavours we are giving away.

Boo Boo Brew 50ml Shortfill
Cinnamon Roll 50ml Shortfill
Cotton Candy 50ml Shortfill
Thug Juice 50ml Shortfill
Butterscotch 50ml Shortfill
Blueberry 50ml Shortfill
Green Apple 50ml Shortfill
Moo Juice 50ml Shortfill
Razzleberry 50ml Shortfill

Vape Lithuania

Since our beginning in 2011, we have served thousands of vapers in Lithuania with quality vape products. One thing our Mt Baker Vapor customers in Lithuania appreciate is our great customer service. With our new headquarters in Europe, we can now service these customers even better. With faster shipping and tailor made vape products, getting great e-juice is easier than ever for our Lithuanian customers. As always, if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns about your purchase, please feel free to contact us at and we will get you sorted.

Vape Lithuania