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Vape Sophia

Vape Sophia

Mt Baker Vapor has been supplying Sophia with E-Juice since 2011. Back then, our customers would order off our USA website and have their e-juice imported all the way to Bulgaria. During those days, Mt Baker Vapor was the only major brand that offered quality, variety and world wide shipping. Now the market has exploded and there are brands everywhere to choose from. To better service our customers in Sophia, we have now set up Mt Baker Vapor International. Headquartered in Europe, our customers in Sophia can now get the quality, variety and great customer service that first got them into vaping.

Mt Baker Vapor and Sophia: The Custom Shortfill

When our Sophia vapers first started buying from us they wanted three things. Quality, variety and good prices. The great news is that Mt Baker Vapor International still offers all of those things. To stay ahead of the market, we have developed our trademark Custom Shortfills. What are our Custom Shortfills? Read on!

We developed our Custom Shortfills because we saw that vapers in Europe were being hemmed in in their choices of available e-juices. If they wanted anything with higher PG, or with higher nicotine, they were forced to buy expensive 10mls. There was simply no variety in the market! To fix this we developed our custom shortfills. With our custom shortfills vapers in Sophia are able to customize the following options with their e-juice:

4 Different Blends
172 Classic MBV Flavours
7 Nic Strengths (After nic-shots added)
Added Flavour Shots
Add Cooling/Sweetener to any flavour
Affordable 120ml Bottles
Free 30ml Travel Bottle with Every 120ml Purchased
Buy 5 of the Same Product Type, Pay for 4

How to build your own Custom Shortfill

Getting your e-juice has never been easier for Vapers in Sophia. Our easy to use webshop allows you to custom craft your e-liquid. With an easy to use drop down menu, you can select through all the options listed above and end up with the perfect e-juice to suit your taste.

Aromas/Concentrates in Sophia

There is a growing DIY vaping market in Sophia. To cater to this, Mt Baker Vapor International offers 157 of our classic flavours in 30ml Flavour Concentrates. With these flavour concentrates, you are able to DIY your own e-juice. This not only saves money, but it’s great fun! Making your own e-juice is just like crafting your own meal. Ever wanted Thug Juice with a bit of Guava? When you DIY, you can make that! All it takes is a bit of flavourant, some PG, VG and a bit of nicotine and you’ve made your own e-juice.

Mt Baker Vapor CBD

When we were at the Vape Expro in Sophia last year, we had one product that was a huge hit. That was our new line of CBD Vape products. The CBD E-liquid market has exploded over the past year. This is because vaping CBD is the most effective way to use CBD. And vaping Mt Baker Vapor’s CBD is the best tasting way to use CBD! We offer our Mt Baker Vapor CBD in the following flavours.

Hawk Sauce
Blue Moo
Blue Ice
Tropical Breeze
Desert Rain

Why Buy Online

Many of the e-juice brands that are available to Vapers in Sophia are imported. Supporting local shops is great, but when you buy e-juice from them you are also paying for the overhead to keep the shop going. Instead of paying that overhead, why not buy factory direct and avoid the middleman? When you place an order at Mt Baker Vapor International your order is made right away and shipped to you immediately. Your perfect e-juice is just a click away! We take pride in the products we send to our customers in Sophia. If for any reason you aren’t happy with your product send us an email at and we will do everything we can to find a solution. At Mt Baker Vapor International we aren’t happy unless you are happy.

Vape Sophia