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Thug Juice-A Mt Baker Vapor Legend

Thug Juice

Thug Juice has been one of Mt Baker Vapor’s most popular flavours since our company started in 2011. But don’t let the tough name fool you. This swirling blend of watermelon, grape and Ice is very nice to your taste buds. Second only to Hawk Sauce in popularity, Thug Juice has been a top seller since we started. To celebrate it’s popularity, Mt Baker Vapor International now offers Thug Juice in many forms. Want to see all the ways you can experience Thug Juice? Read on!

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History of Hawk Sauce

Mt Baker Vapor’s Hawk Sauce

Mt Baker Vapor wouldn’t be Mt Baker Vapor without Hawk Sauce. Hawk Sauce is one of our oldest and most popular flavours. It is also one of our most enigmatic. Throughout my years at Mt Baker Vapor, I’ve met countless vapers who have told me that they have tried to crack the code that is its flavour profile. From DIY veterans to casual vapers, they all haven’t been able to clone it. But what is the story behind this mysterious flavour? Why is it named Hawk Sauce? How long ago was it created it? Why has it been so popular for so long? Read on and I will do my best to shine some light onto Hawk Sauce

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