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Thug Juice-A Mt Baker Vapor Legend

Thug Juice

Thug Juice has been one of Mt Baker Vapor’s most popular flavours since our company started in 2011. But don’t let the tough name fool you. This swirling blend of watermelon, grape and Ice is very nice to your taste buds. Second only to Hawk Sauce in popularity, Thug Juice has been a top seller since we started. To celebrate it’s popularity, Mt Baker Vapor International now offers Thug Juice in many forms. Want to see all the ways you can experience Thug Juice? Read on!

Custom Thug Juice E-Liquid

Everybody has different preferences on how they like their E-Juice. Some people use sub-ohm mods, so they love high VG. Other people use smaller stick mods, so they like high PG. And some people just have their own unique taste all together! This is why we offer Thug Juice now as a custom e-liquid. With our Custom E-Liquid, you can adjust your e-juice in the following ways:

9 Different Nic Strengths (7 if you’re in the EU with our custom shortfills)
4 Different Blends
125ml/250ml Bottle Sizes
Added Flavour Shots
Salt-Nic/Normal Nic (only outside of the EU)
Add Sweetener to flavour

This is awesome because you can get the exact Thug Juice you like. No more compromising on your preferences! Our easy to use webshop lets you craft your Thug Juice to your exact specifications. And if you make the wrong call and craft in such a way that you don’t like, get in touch with us and we will work with you to help make it right.

DIY Thug Juice

Crafting your custom e-juice on our webpage doesn’t go far enough for some of our customers. Some of our customers want to customize it even further. These our our DIY Vapers! When you DIY your e-juice, you are buying all the ingredients that make e-juice and crafting it at home on your own. This is why we offer Thug Juice as a 30ml Concentrate. Crafting your own e-juice is a fun and artistic process. It also saves you money as 30mls of Flavour Concentrate can make a lot of e-juice! It also allows you to add flavou components to Thug Juice that you wouldn’t normally find. Ever want to see what Thug Juice with added Guava tastes like? When you DIY your e-juice you can do that!

50ml Shortfills

For those in the EU and UK that don’t want to fool around with customizing their Thug Juice, we also offer it in a 50ml Shortfills. With shortfills, you get 50mls of E-Juice with 10mls worth of space on top. With this space, you add a 10ml nic shot to get the final e-liquid up to 3mg of nic strength. No matter how you like your Thug Juice, we have you covered.

Mt Baker Vapor Customer Service

At Mt Baker Vapor we have always been known for our great customer service. Whichever way you get your Thug Juice, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to make sure you love what you purchase. We also offer flat rate shipping on all our orders, so no matter how much you purchase, you get the same shipping rate. For our international customers, we help them with any customs issues. Our DHL Express shipping option makes it so that, no matter where you are in the world, you can get your Thug Juice fast. If you have any problems with your purchase, you can always contact us at and we will get you taken care of.

Thug Juice-A Mt Baker Vapor Legend