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E-Liquid in Edinburgh. Just a click away

Edinburgh and E-liquid: Where to get it

Have you ever went to a vape shop in Edinburgh and had a hard time deciding on which flavour you want? When looking at all the flavours, have you ever been disappointed to find that a certain flavour you have always wanted isn’t available? At Mt Baker Vapor International we solve that problem.

Our unique approach to crafting our custom shortfills allows our customers to choose from over 160 flavours and then further customize them to suit their particular taste. Need an e-liquid with high pg and 12 nic? We’ve got that. Do you love the taste of Ice Cream but have always wished you could add an Ice component to it? We can do that. If you go to a physical store in Edinburgh, you will never be able to get these options. Why pound the pavement or waste petrol on driving to a physical store when your perfect e-liquid is only a click away.

A History of Great E-Liquid

In the world of vaping, we are the tried and true veterans. Many brands emerged when the vaping industry exploded when they saw that a buck was to be made. That isn’t Mt Baker Vapor. We started at the very beginning of the industry because we saw a great way to help people quit smoking. We started way back in 2011 as two guys mixing e-liquid in an apartment. We drove many of our deliveries to our customers!

Since then, we have grown to one of the biggest and most trusted brands in the world. Countless people have stories of how Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice helped them quit smoking. When you are walking around the vape shops in Edinburgh, remember that all these new brands are jacking up their prices and forcing you to spend too much. Since we sell factory direct to our customers, we are able to offer better prices which make it much easier to make the choice to quit smoking.

Shipping to Edinburgh

Many people in Edinburgh don’t know that Mt Baker Vapor International is made right here in Scotland! That means that if you place your order before 3pm, you will have your juice in your hands within a day. We are proud members of the Scottish business community and we love our Scottish customers. For the last five years, our e-juice has been a mainstay in one of Scotland’s largest retail chains. But now you don’t have to go to the stores anymore and can simply just go online to our webshop and get your e-liquid without leaving the comfort of your home.

Not just E-liquid! We offer CBD and Flavour Concentrate as well!

Multitudes of studies have come out about the benefits of CBD. As a forward thinking company, we immediately saw a way that we could further cater to our customers needs. Five of our best flavours are available in delicious CBD e-liquids. We also cater to the ever growing DIY vaping community with our 30ml Mt Baker Vapor Flavour Concentrates. DIY’ing your e-juice is a great and effective way to save money. It’s also fun! Crafting your own e-juice is just like learning to cook. Great ingredients make a great meal, and so when you use our 30ml Flavour Concentrates to create your e-liquid, you know you are using quality ingredients that will help you make your perfect e-liquid.

Customer Satisfaction

Mt Baker Vapor has already served many satisfied customers in Edinburgh. So we put this simple question to you. Would you like to be the next one?  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your product, please feel free to contact us at and we will do whatever we can to replace your product and get you the e-juice that works for you.

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