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Melbourne. E-liquid your way

Melbourne and E-liquid

Vapers in Melbourne know what a chore it is to get the e-liquid they need to help them kick the habit of smoking. Australia’s draconian vaping laws don’t make it easy for us vapers to stay smoke free. Local vape shops are only allowed to carry e-liquid without nicotine, so vapers are forced to import their own nicotine. To put it mildly, this is a chore! Since our company began back in 2011, we have been shipping e-liquid into Melbourne and have developed a great base of customers throughout all of Australia. The strict vaping laws have also kept many brands out of Melbourne and have restricted the variety of e-liquid that you can choose from. That is where Mt Baker Vapor International comes into play. 


At Mt Baker Vapor International we offer more variety than any other brand on the market. To put it bluntly, our Mt Baker Vapor custom e-liquid is perfect for Australia. Want a peach flavoured e-liquid with high pg and high nicotine? We have that! Ever loved tropical flavoured e-juice but have always wished you could add ice to it? We can do that! On our webstore you can easily craft your perfect e-liquid that fits your specific needs. With over 160 different flavours to choose from, you will certainly be able to find the perfect flavour that fits your specific palette. Next time you are in a vape shop in Melbourne and can’t find the e-liquid you want, just remember that Mt Baker Vapor International is just a click away.

Australia and Mt Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor has a long history with supplying vapers in Melbourne with e-liquid. With our factory direct pricing and large bottle sizes, we have always been a fiscally smart option for vapers in Melbourne to get the e-liquid they need. Even with shipping included, buying from us is still a smart option financially. So why waste the petrol to go to a local shop where you can’t even buy e-liquid with nicotine with it? Just hop online and craft your perfect e-liquid and we will make sure it’s delivered right to you.

Shipping to Melbourne

Our years of selling e-liquid to the entire world has made us experts in shipping! Getting Mt Baker Vapor e-liquid into Melbourne can be a hassle. You have to deal with customs and slow shipping times. That is why we offer a DHL Express option. With our DHL Express option we can have your e-juice to you within days! We also expertly pack your e-liquid in sturdy, double walled boxes so you know your order will get to you unharmed. Our induction sealed bottles guarantee that you will get the e-juice you ordered.

Flavour Concentrate in Melbourne

With the massive restrictions to vaping in Melbourne, many vapers have turned to DIY’ing their own e-juice. Making your own e-liquid is a fun and creative process. It also saves money! When you use our high quality 30ml Mt Baker Vapor Flavour Concentrates/Aromas, you are using high quality ingredients. Just like cooking a great meal, making your own e-juice comes down to using great ingredients.

Getting your Mt Baker Vapor CBD

Recent studies have shown that CBD has a multitude of positive benefits. That is why we decided to start offering our own line of Mt Baker Vapor CBD e-liquids! Our CBD e-liquids come in five our our best flavours. Why get stuck with other brands bland CBD e-liquid flavours? Why not have it in our legendary Hawk Sauce flavour!  Since CBD is not available for sale in Melbourne, you can look to us to help you fulfill all your CBD needs.

Customer Satisfaction

For the last 8 years, we have been providing quality e-liquid to vapers in Melbourne. Our super fast shipping, customizable e-liquid and amazing customer service has led us to become one of the best known brands in Australia. We also offer free goodies in every order! No matter how small the order is, you will get a free e-liquid sample along with a candy surprise. We also provide expert assistance in any customs issues you should encounter while importing your e-juice. If you should have any issues with your e-liquid, please feel free to contact us at and we will get you sorted.

Melbourne. E-liquid your way