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Mt Baker Vapor Huckleberry Ice Cream E-Juice

E-Juice Flavour Of the Week

This week’s flavour of the week is Huckleberry Ice Cream. In the scope of Mt Baker Vapor history, Huckleberry Ice Cream e-liquid isn’t quite as old as some of our classic flavours like Hawk Sauce or Thug Juice. But since it was created in 2016, it has become one our most popular vape flavours. As our highlighted e-juice flavour of the week, for the entire week you can get 20% off all product types of Huckleberry Ice cream. But what is Huckleberry Ice Cream? Let’s find out.

Huckleberry-The Science of A Berry

Many people have never even heard of a huckleberry. Huckleberries are like a wild blueberry that grows in the northwestern United States and Western Canada. They often appear in subalpine slopes, forests, bogs and lake basins.. The plant has sprawling, shallow roots topped by a luscious green bush. Attempts to cultivate huckleberry plants from seeds have failed, with plants devoid of fruits. This is probably why people have rarely heard of it. In terms of taste, the huckleberry is very similar to a blueberry except that it is more sour. This distinct flavour makes the huckleberry a perfect addition to sweet desserts like pancakes, pies and….Ice Cream!

Huckleberry Ice Cream E-Juice

Huckleberry Ice Cream is a regional favourite dessert of people in the Northwestern USA and Western Canada. The tart berry flavours melds perfectly with creamy vanilla Ice Cream. With this in mind, we took it one step further and discovered that it makes the perfect E-Juice! For those vapers out there looking for a great dessert vape that isn’t too sweet but packs a flavour punch, look no further.

Custom E-Liquid

Outside of the EU, we offer Huckleberry Ice Cream as our trademark Custom E-Liquid. Our custom e-liquid is great in that it comes in large bottle sizes that are fully customizable. For our Custom E-Juice, you can have your Huckleberry Ice Cream e-juice in:

125ml/250ml Bottle Sizes
9 Different Nic Strenghts
Salt-Nic or Regular Nic
Up to 45% Extra Huckleberry Ice Cream flavour
Add Cooling
Make it Sweeter

Custom Shortfills

We offer Huckleberry Ice Cream e-juice in several forms. For our EU customers, we offer it in a custom shortfill. When you purchase Huckleberry Ice Cream custom shortfills, you can customize your e-juice in the following ways:

4 Different Blends
7 Different Nic Strenghts (after added nic shots)
120ml Bottle Sizes
Added Sweetner
Extra Flavour Shots
Add Cooling

DIY Huckleberry Ice Cream

As if all these options weren’t enough, we also offer Huckleberry Ice Cream as a 30ml Flavour Concentrate Shot/Aroma. Our Flavour Shots are great for those looking to experiment with crafting their own flavours. They are also fantastic for those looking to save money and make their own e-juice.

Mt Baker Vapor Around the World

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s look into Huckleberry Ice Cream. As with all our vape products, we offer cheap shipping throughout the world. Our flat rate shipping means that no matter how much e-juice you buy, you only pay one flat rate. Our customer service is second to none and if you have any problem with your purchase, send us an email at and we will get you sorted. Until next week, take care and vape on!

Mt Baker Vapor Huckleberry Ice Cream