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Mt Baker Vapor Dubai

Getting Your Mt Baker Vapor in Dubai

Mt Baker Vapor and Dubai have a long history. Since our beginning in 2011, vapers in Dubai have been purchasing their favourite e-juice products from Mt Baker Vapor. In 2018, Mt Baker Vapor International was set up in the UK. We set up this branch to cater exclusively to our international customer base. Now our vape customers in Dubai have a Mt Baker Vapor branch that works exclusively for them.

Dubai Vapers – E-Juice Your Way

One thing our e-liquid customers in Dubai always appreciated from Mt Baker Vapor was our variety. When we founded Mt Baker Vapor International, we bought MBV back to basics. Just like the old days, Mt Baker Vapor International offers more variety of e-juice flavours, blends and nic strengths than any other major brand. We also offer factory direct pricing so you will be paying less for the e-juice that we custom make for you. Our Dubai vape customers can customize their e-liquid in the following ways:

125ml/250ml Bottles
9 Different Nic Strengths
4 Different Blends
Flavour Shots
Add Ice any flavour
Make any flavour sweeter

These aren’t the only things that we have done to create a better shopping experience for our Dubai vape customers. We also offer DHL Express Shipping with door to door customer service. This means that we will help you with any customs issues should they arise.

Hawk Sauce and Dubai

Like much of the Middle East, Dubai has purchased one e-liquid flavour more than any other. That e-juice flavour is Hawk Sauce. We now offer Hawk Sauce in multiple product types. These product types include:

Hawk Sauce CBD
30ml Hawk Sauce Flavour Concentrate
Hawk Sauce Custom E-Liquid
50ml Hawk Sauce Shortfills

Mt Baker Vapor Customer Service

When vapers in Dubai purchase any e-liquid that isn’t made in the UAE, they are going to be paying for the import costs. Even when they buy their e-juice from a local store or webshop, those import costs are going to be built into their purchase costs. So we pose this question to vapers in Dubai. If you are going to be paying import costs, why not get the exact e-juice you want. No other e-juice company that ships into Dubai can offer you high quality e-juice in so many different forms. From CBD E-Liquid to Flavour Concentrates, we have you covered. Our easy to use webshop makes shopping a breeze and with our great customer service, we will make sure that your shipment gets to you. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your vape purchase, feel free to contact us at and we will do everything we can to help you out.

Mt Baker Vapor Dubai