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Mt Baker Vapor-Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland

Mt Baker Vapor-Vape UK Geography Game

Have you ever wondered if Scotland was a vape flavour, what flavour would that be? Probably not. But when you’ve spent as much time around Mt Baker Vapor flavours as we have, these kind of dumb debates end up coming up. We could just let them float off into the ether. Or we could record them to the annals of history in a vape blog! The latter is probably the more prudent option, but what the hell right?

Mt Baker Vapor-England

Oh mighty England! What flavour would you be? The obvious choice to us ended up being Butterscotch? But why Butterscotch? The history of Butterscotch is actually tied to Queen Victoria. She didn’t invent the flavour, but she helped make it popular. In 1851, Queen Victoria was presented with a tin of Butterscotch candies when she visited the town of Doncaster. Apparently she loved them so much that candy company’s began nicknaming Butterscotch “The Queen’s Sweetmeat.”

Maybe we should also change our Butterscotch Vape Flavour’s name to “Queen’s Sweetmeat”? Probably not. But now you know why we have selected Mt Baker Vapor’s Butterscotch flavoured e-juice to represent England. If you are interested in purchasing our Butterscotch vape juice, it is available in the following forms:

120ml Butterscotch Custom Shortfill
30ml Flavour Concentrate-Butterscotch
50ml Butterscotch Shortfill

Mt Baker Vapor- Wales

Wales is it’s own country. Though still part of the UK, in 2009 it voted to become its own independent country. It is also considered to be a modern celtic nation. How does this reflect on what flavour Wales would be? Well, in our arguments we decided that we had to pick an e-juice flavour that captures the ancient and independent essense of Wales. It’s been decided that the flavour would be Hawk Sauce.

Hawk Sauce, like Wales, is hard to pin down. It has a mysterious, yet wonderful taste. The flavour is a mix of wild forest berries, sour and ice. It is also one of our oldest flavours, so like Wales, it is ancient. Well….maybe not that ancient. But the vape industry is only about 10 years old, and Hawk Sauce has been available for about that long. So it’s relatively ancient! It’s probably not good branding to claim a flavour is ancient. How about time tested? That works better. So there you have it. Wales = Hawk Sauce. If you are interested in purchasing Hawk Sauce e-juice it is available in the following ways:

120ml Hawk Sauce Custom Shortfill
30ml Hawk Sauce Flavour Concentrate
50ml Hawk Sauce Shortfill
60ml Hawk Sauce CBD

Scotland- Mt Baker Vapor Vape Juice Flavour

This one is honestly easy. We have one flavour that was made during our partnership with the Scottish company Vaporized. That vape flavour is Boo Boo Brew. It should be noted that Vaporized, or as they are now called VPZ, still does sell this flavour, but it is not the original Mt Baker Vapor Boo Boo Brew. As our partnership with them is over, their version is not the original Mt Baker Vapor Boo Boo Brew. This isn’t sour grapes on our part, but just a little FYI to all the Boo Boo Brew fans out there.

As an American, I don’t understand the appeal of this flavour, but the Scots love it! Maybe it’s like how I don’t get the appeal of Irn Bru? But either way, what is Boo Boo Brew? It’s a blend of tropical candy, bubblegum and Ice. In many ways it’s as enigmatic as Hawk Sauce. A flavour that many people love, but can’t quite pinpoint why. Maybe that is why it sells so well. You can get a Blueberry flavour anywhere, but nowhere else can you get Boo Boo Brew. Boo Boo Brew is available in the following product types:

50ml Boo Boo Brew Shortfill
30ml Boo Boo Brew 30ml Flavour Concentrate
120ml Boo Boo Brew Custom Shortfill

Northern Ireland/Mt Baker Vapor Flavour:

This one was a bit harder. What Mt Baker Vapor e-liquid flavour reflects the dynamic history of Northern Ireland? We decided it had to be a flavour that incorporates a lot of different flavours into one. After much debate we settled on Mega Mixed Berry. Mega Mixed Berry is a blend of Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Cherry. What comes out is a smooth and sweet sensation with an awesome berry taste. Does this mean that if you are vaper in Northern Ireland that you will love Mega Mixed Berry? Maybe…but that probably has nothing to do with the fact that you are from Northern Ireland and more to the fact that Mega Mixed Berry is just a great flavour.

Mt Baker Vapor’s Mega Mixed Berry comes in various product types. These product types include:

120ml Mega Mixed Berry Custom Shortfill
30ml Mega Mixed Berry Flavour Concentrate

Mt Baker Vapor UK

Mt Baker Vapor International is headquartered out of the UK. This means that when you order any of our products, you will likely get your vape juice delivered to you within a day or two. This is great for UK vapers because it means that they don’t even need to leave their house to get their favourite e-juice. On our easy to use webshop, they can peruse our vast array of e-juice options. At Mt Baker Vapor International, we offer just about every Mt Baker Vapor flavour that has ever been sold. That’s currently 173 flavours! Unlike other major brands, we also offer our UK customers the ability to fully customize their e-liquid. With our custom shortfills, vapers can craft their own e-juice, and get factory direct pricing! The customizable options include:

4 Different Blends
7 Nic Strenghts (after nic shots added)
Added Flavour Shots
Make Any Flavour Sweeter
Add Ice to Any Flavour

Vape UK The Easy Way

Now that you’ve seen which flavour we think represents each country in the UK, feel free to share with us the flavours that you think best represent each country. And remember, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about any Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice products that you order, you can email us at and we will get you sorted.

Mt Baker Vapor-Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland Geography Game