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Bahrain-Mt Baker Vapor

Bahrain and Mt Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor was founded in 2011. Since then, we have sold millions of bottles of e-juice throughout the world. In particular, one country that we have sold lots of e-juice to is Bahrain. Like other countries in the Middle East, one flavour in particular seems to get the lion’s share of attention. Can you guess which flavour that is? Hawk Sauce of course! That is why we are excited to share with our Bahrain vape customers that Mt Baker Vapor ships internationally from its UK company. From our UK company, you can not only get Hawk Sauce, but you can get any of the other 170+ flavours that we offer. Below I will share all the new ways that we have created to further serve our Mt Baker Vapor customers in Bahrain.

Custom E-Juice

When Mt Baker Vapor first started, one thing that set us apart from our competition was that you could custom build your e-juice. To get back to our roots, Mt Baker Vapor International has brought that feature back. On our easy to use webpage, Bahraini vapers can pick a multitude of different options and craft their own custom e-liquid. These  options include:

4 Different Blends
9 Different Nic Strengths
Regular Nic/Salt-Nic
125ml/250ml Bottle Sizes
170+ Classic Mt Baker Vapor Flavours
Extra Flavour Shots
More Sweetness
Add Extra Cooling

No matter which flavour you like, you can further customize it. Say you always liked Thug Juice, but wished it was a bit sweeter. We can do that! Or you wanted a high pg version of Forestberry Fusion in nic salt. That’s available too! Just about any option you want, we can craft for you.

Mt Baker Vapor = Price is King

I won’t skirt around the fact that one of the things our customers have always loved is our pricing. Because our juice is made factory direct, we are able to offer lower prices than our competition. For years our customers in Bahrain have loved that they can get bulk, quality e-liquid for way better prices than our competition. Most important, they can get their favourite e-juice Hawk Sauce again at amazing prices. With our flat rate shipping and factory direct pricing, you can buy from us in the UK and still pay less than you would if you bought your e-juice locally. That is the cornerstone of our international business. Fast shipping, great customer service and low pricing.

Hawk Sauce in Bahrain

Since Hawk Sauce is our best seller by far in Bahrain, I’m going to show all the different ways that we offer Hawk Sauce to our Mt Baker Vapor customers in Bahrain:
Hawk Sauce 30ml Flavour Concentrate
Hawk Sauce Custom E-Liquid
CBD Hawk Sauce 60ml
50ml Hawk Sauce Shortfill

If that wasn’t enough, we also have all the Hawk Sauce spin off flavours such as:
Thawed Sauce 30ml Flavour Concentrate
Thawed Sauce Custom E-Liquid
Faux Hawk 30ml Flavour Concentrate
Faux Hawk Custom E-Liquid

Vape Bahrain the Easy Way

One thing that sets us apart from other international companies that ship e-juice in Bahrain is that we make sure your product gets delivered right to your door. Many companies will leave their customers hanging if customs get involved, but not Mt Baker Vapor International. We will do everything in our power to make sure that any customs problems get resolved. We even offer a 1 time resend policy if customs seizes your e-juice for whatever reason. For our Bahraini Mt Baker Vapor customers, we also offer DHL Express shipping. DHL are masters at getting e-liquid to anywhere in the world at lightning fast speeds.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please send us a message at and we will do whatever we can to get you sorted.

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