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Riyadh and Hawk Sauce

Riyadh Loves Hawk Sauce!

Throughout Mt Baker Vapor’s history, one city in Saudi Arabia has bought more Hawk Sauce than any other city. That city is Riyadh. For some reason, Hawk Sauce has always been our most popular flavour in Saudi Arabia, and especially Riyadh. Is it the enigmatic mix of flavours that make up Hawk Sauce that make it so popular? Is it the light touch of cooling mixed with a blend of forest berries that make it so popular? It is certainly a hard flavour to pin down. I guess when you cut out all the marketing fluff, it’s just that it’s a good flavour and one that is hard to copy.

Hawk Sauce in Riyadh

In the past our customers from Riyadh had to import their Hawk Sauce from the United States. But there is good news for the customers. Now Mt Baker Vapor International has a headquarters in the United Kingdom. This means faster shipping and less cost! We also offer more varieties of Hawk Sauce then we ever offered in the United States. Want to see all the different ways you can now get Hawk Sauce? Then read on.

Customize your Hawk Sauce

Mt Baker Vapor International has gone back to basics. In the early days, one of the things that made Mt Baker Vapor so popular was that you could customize your e-liquid to your specific taste. Well, the good news is that we have brought that back. At Mt Baker Vapor International, our Riyadh customers can now craft their Hawk Sauce to their exact specifications. You can now customize your Hawk Sauce in the following ways:

Bottles Size (125ml/250ml)
Nicotine Strength (0mg-24mg)
Nic Salt or Regular Nic
Added Flavour Shots
Add Ice/Sweetener
4 Different Blends

These options are all great, but we’ve also adjusted the price so that you get your e-liquid at an awesome price. Since we make each bottle here, you get factory direct pricing. Being able to buy your e-juice in large bottles also allows you to save a lot of money. To see our great new pricing, head over to our website.

Other Ways you Save

One great thing our Hawk Sauce lovers in Riyadh get is flat rate shipping. No matter how much Mt Baker Vapor e-juice you buy, you only pay one flat rate. You have two options to either ship via our economy Royal Mail, or use our lighting fast DHL Express. We also help our customers with any customs issues they may have. Most companies will leave their customers out to dry when it comes to Customs, but we always do whatever we can to make sure our customers get their e-liquid.

Hawk Sauce DIY

At Mt Baker Vapor International, we offer our Riyadh customers the ability to craft their own Hawk Sauce. Making your own e-juice is a fun and creative process. We offer Hawk Sauce in a 30ml Flavour Concentrate that is perfectly priced to save money. We also offer all the supplies you need to make your own e-liquid.

Mt Baker Vapor is Just a Click Away

If you are in Riyadh and craving some Hawk Sauce, head over to our easy to use web page and begin to craft your e-juice. Our prices are amazing and your order is shipped out lightning fast. If you make your order, odds are that your order will get shipped out either the same day, or next day. That means that when you place your order and use our DHL Express option, you can potentially have your e-juice in just a couple of days. And if you ever have any problems with your e-juice, just shoot us an email at and we will make sure your problems are addressed.

Riyadh and Hawk Sauce