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Riyadh and Hawk Sauce

Riyadh Loves Hawk Sauce!

Throughout Mt Baker Vapor’s history, one city in Saudi Arabia has bought more Hawk Sauce than any other city. That city is Riyadh. For some reason, Hawk Sauce has always been our most popular flavour in Saudi Arabia, and especially Riyadh. Is it the enigmatic mix of flavours that make up Hawk Sauce that make it so popular? Is it the light touch of cooling mixed with a blend of forest berries that make it so popular? It is certainly a hard flavour to pin down. I guess when you cut out all the marketing fluff, it’s just that it’s a good flavour and one that is hard to copy.

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Hawk Sauce in Saudi Arabia

Hawk Sauce and Saudi Arabia

For many a year Hawk Sauce has been our most popular flavour in Saudi Arabia. We have never been able to pinpoint why this flavour is so popular there, but throughout the history of Mt Baker Vapor, we have sold hundreds of thousands of bottles there. It could be Hawk Sauce’s enigmatic taste. At a vape expo in New Zealand last year, a customer of ours told us that no matter how many times he has tried, he could never clone Hawk Sauce. That is the beauty of Hawk Sauce. It’s strange, wonderful taste can never be replicated.

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