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Vape Vilnius

Vaping in Vilnius with Mt Baker Vapor E. Skysčiai

For many years Mt Baker Vapor has been providing quality vape products in Vilnius. Whether it was directly from our USA Website or from one of our many local retailers, we’ve always gone to great lengths to satisfy our Lithuanian customers. The good news for our Vilnius customers is that Mt Baker Vapor now has a new international headquarters. Located in the United Kingdom, Mt Baker Vapor International now provides our great E. Skysčiai to all of Lithuania without having to purchase it from the USA.

Mt Baker Vapor in Vilnius

One of the hard things about vaping in Lithuania is the high cost of purchasing e-liquid of local vape shops. This is because Vilnius vape shops need to cover all their overhead costs. This is where Mt Baker Vapor International comes into play. At Mt Baker Vapor International we offer quality e-liquid at factory direct pricing. Since 2011, Mt Baker Vapor has been supplying great vape products to Vilnuius. Now we are located much closer so you not only can save massive amounts of money buying our products on our webshop, you also get your product fast!

Custom Shortfills in Vilnius

Vapers in Vilnius often have to pay expensive costs to vape American Made E-Juice. This is because they are paying for the expensive import costs that go along with them. At Mt Baker Vapor International we make our juice right here in Europe. We also go a step further and allow total customization of our e-juice. No matter what kind of vape juice you want, Mt Baker Vapor has it covered. On our Webshop, vapers from Vilnius can custom craft their own E. Skysčiai and have it delivered right to their door. Here are all the different ways they can make their Mt Baker Vapor Custom Shortfills:

172 Classic Mt Baker Vapor Flavours
120ml Bottles
7 Different Nic Strengths w/Nic Shots
4 Different Blends
Added Flavour Shots
Add Ice or Sweetener to Any Flavour

All of these options are great for our Vilnius vapers because each vaper is different. Some vapers want high pg with high nic for their pen mods. Others want to blow big clouds so they want high pg with low nicotine. The variations are endless! At Mt Baker Vapor International, we cater to all of these vapers. Why not have your e-juice custom made just for you?

High Nicotine E. Skysčiai

One of the wonderful benefits that our Vilnius customers experience in buying their E. Skysčiai from Mt Baker Vapor International is that they can get it in higher nicotine. How do we do this and remain compliant with TPD? Because we custom craft your shortfills so that when you add your nic shots, you can get up to 12 nic. By making each order from scratch, we are able to custom craft a shortfill that, when nic shots are added, you can get it up to 12 nic. No more being forced to buy an expensive 10ml! Our Vilnius vapers now get to experience the cost effectiveness of shortfills with the variety of 10mls.

Mt Baker Vapor in Vilnius – The Greatest Hits

We always like to throw some interesting regional tidbits into each of our blogs. Here is a list of the top ten best selling E. Skysčiai in Vilnius.

Hawk Sauce
Thug Juice
Forestberry Fusion
Extreme Ice
Afternoon Delight
Black Ice
Strawberry Kiwi
Desert Rain
USA Blend Tobacco

DIY Vilnius Vapers

Many of our customers in Vilnius like to craft their own E. Skysčiai. When you craft your own ejuice you are combining all the ingredients that go into E. Skysčiai yourself. You buy your own PG, VG, Nicotine and flavour concentrate. We make this process easy on our webshop. We offer over 150 different classic Mt Baker Vapor flavours in our 30ml Concentrates. The quality of your DIY ejuice depends on the quality of your ingredients. At Mt Baker Vapor, our Flavour Concentrates are made with the highest quality ingredients which will allow you to make great tasting E. Skysčiai. Whether it’s Hawk Sauce, Thug Juice or Cotton Candy, we have every flavour you will ever need.

CBD in Vilnius

One of the most effective ways to use CBD is to vape it! And one the tastiest ways to vape is to use our Mt Baker Vapor CBD products! For our Vilnius CBD vapers, we offer our CBD E-liquid range in five of our most popular flavours. These include:

Hawk Sauce CBD
Blue Moo CBD
Blue Ice CBD
Tropical Breeze CBD
Desert Rain CBD

Shipping for Vilnius Mt Baker Vapor Customers

Flat rate shipping. Those three words alone make it make sense to buy your e-juice at Mt Baker Vapor International. No matter how much ejuice you purchase, you only pay one flat rate! Our Vilnius vapers love this because they are able to stock up on their favourite E. Skysčiai and massively reduce the cost of purchasing their E. Skysčiai
. We offer an economical option of Royal Mail Standard Shipping, or a faster option of either Royal Mail International Tracked or DPD Tracked.

Customer Service

If for any reason you are not happy with your E. Skysčiai, feel free to get in touch with us at We also offer assistance with any customs issues and won’t leave you hanging if customs seizes your E. Skysčiai. We will work with our shipping company to do our best to make sure you get your order. At Mt Baker Vapor, our Vilnius customers know that we aren’t happy unless you are happy with your E. Skysčiai.

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