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Vaping in Czechoslavakia

Mt Baker Vapor and Czechoslavakia

Since our company’s start in 2011, we have been serving our Czech customers with quality, Mt Baker Vapor e-juice. In those days, our Czech customers didn’t have many options to get e-liquid. They could import inferior e-liquid from China, or they had to buy expensive e-juice from the USA. When Mt Baker Vapor came out, Czech customers suddenly had a new option that was easy on the wallet. Mt Baker Vapor was one of the first company’s to break away and offer quality e-juice at an affordable price. We offered, and still do, more variety than any other company out there. They also go lightning fast shipping and superior customer service. How does this tie in to Mt Baker Vapor International. Let’s find out!

Czech Vapers

One thing Mt Baker Vapor customers in Czechoslovakia appreciate is variety. At Mt Baker Vapor we are one of the only well established brands that also offers a huge variety of products. To add to this, Mt Baker Vapor International also offers custom shortfills. Our custom e-liquid is unique in that it allows you the ability to totally customize your e-juice. Need some high PG, high nic for your vape? We have that. What about some Hawk Sauce with extra flavour shots and added sweetener? We have that. Our large 120ml bottles also save you loads of money. We have almost every possible combination you can think of. Here are all the different ways you can customize your vaping juice.

178 Different Classic Mt Baker Vapor Flavours
4 Different PG/VG Blends
7 Different Nic Strengths (After Nic Shots Added)
Added Flavour Shots
Add Cooler/Sweetener to any flavour
120ml Bottle Size

As if this wasn’t enough, every order our Czechoslovakia vapers purchase also comes with a free 10ml travel bottle.

Czech DIY Vapers

Many of our Mt Baker Vapor customers in Czechoslovakia love to craft their own e-juice. With our Mt Baker Vapor 30ml Flavour Concentrates, this makes DIY’ing your e-liquid fun and easy. Flavour Concentrate is what gives e-juice its flavour. When you DIY your own e-liquid, you purchase the PG, VG, Nicotine and Flavouring yourself. You then mix them together based on your personal preferences. It is a lot like cooking! This process saves money and lets you craft the exact type of e-liquid you want. At Mt Baker Vapor International, we offer 150 different flavours in 30ml Flavour Concentrates. With these, you can craft just about any flavour you could ever think of.

Shipping Mt Baker Vapor to Czechoslovakia

One of the best things about shopping from Mt Baker Vapor International is our lightning fast shipping. No matter where you are in the world, we offer you flat rate shipping. This means that no matter how much you buy, you only pay one flat rate.. Unlike other companies, we also help our customers with any customs issues they have and often resend any packages that have been caught at customs.

Mt Baker Vapor Customer Service

Our Czech customers know that we aren’t happy unless they aren’t happy. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your vape juice purchase, please feel free to send us over an email at We will respond as soon as possible and do everything we can to help you out.
Vaping In Czechoslavakia