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Vaping in Perth. Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice

Mt Baker Vapor in Western Australia

Western Austalian vapers certainly face their share of struggles when it comes to vaping. Australia strict vaping laws make it nearly impossible to buy nic’d e-liquid within the country. Those vaping in Perth also have to put up with the high shipping costs to get product to their region of Australia. We at Mt Baker Vapor International have a solution to this! We have created a webshop that perfectly caters to to vapers in Western Australia. Want to find out how? Keep reading!

Mt Baker Vapor Custom E-Juice

When it’s difficult to get e-juice, the last thing you want to happen is to go through all the trouble to get e-juice and find out you don’t even like it. That is why we offer custom e-liquid. You get to take our time tested flavours and customize them to your exact taste! No more compromising. We also offer them incredibly affordable large bottles so you get the most bang for your buck. Here are all the different ways our Perth customers can customize their e-juice.

9 Different Nic Strengths
172 Mt Baker Vapor Flavours
4 E-juice Blends
Added Flavour Shots
Add Ice To any Flavour
Make Any Flavour Sweeter
Bottles Sizes: 125ml/250ml

As if all of this wasn’t enough, we also include free 30ml dripper bottles for every bottle of e-juice you order! This allows you to create a mini travel bottle to effectively carry you e-juice around.

CBD Comes to Perth

There are loads of studies coming out now about the health benefits of CBD. That is why we have gone ahead and created Mt Baker Vapor CBD E-Liquids. One of the most effective ways to utilize CBD is through vaping it! And one of the most enjoyable ways to vape it is with Mt Baker Vapor Flavours! Our CBD E-Juice line comes in five of our most popular flavours including:

Hawk Sauce
Blue Moo
Tropical Breeze
Desert Rain
Blue Ice

DIY Vapers in Western Australia

We’ve tended to notice that regions that restrict vaping see a massive rise in people learning how to make e-juice themselves. And why the heck not?! Making your own e-juice is a great way to save money. It’s also a fun and rewarding experience! That is why Mt Baker Vapor offers all our Western Australian/Perth vapers over 150 flavours of our concentrates. Our concentrates come in 30ml bottles and are super easy to use. When making your own e-liquid all you need is some PG/VG, Nicotine and some Mt Baker Vapor Flavour Concentrate. It’s that easy!

Our commitment to Western Australian Vapers

We have been selling e-juice to the Perth region of Western Australia since 2011. One of the key ways we have always tried to cater to these customers is with affordable and reliable shipping. That is why we offer flat rate shipping. No matter how much Mt Baker Vapor e-liquid you purchase, you only pay one low flat rate in shipping. We offer both an affordable option and a super fast DHL Express option. That means when our Perth customers purchase their e-liquid, they can get their juice to their door within 3 days! We also help our customers through any customs hassles and make importing a breeze.

So please, all you vapers in Western Australia, don’t feel like there isn’t a company out there thinking about your needs. Head over to our international website and craft your perfect e-juice! If for any reason you are unhappy with your e-liquid order, please feel free to contact us at and we will get you sorted.

Vaping in Perth. Mt Baker Vapor E-Juice