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Hawk Sauce in Saudi Arabia

Hawk Sauce and Saudi Arabia

For many a year Hawk Sauce has been our most popular flavour in Saudi Arabia. We have never been able to pinpoint why this flavour is so popular there, but throughout the history of Mt Baker Vapor, we have sold hundreds of thousands of bottles there. It could be Hawk Sauce’s enigmatic taste. At a vape expo in New Zealand last year, a customer of ours told us that no matter how many times he has tried, he could never clone Hawk Sauce. That is the beauty of Hawk Sauce. It’s strange, wonderful taste can never be replicated.

As we look through the various vape shops that offer e-liquid in Saudi Arabia, we have found many other brands offering their version of Hawk Sauce. Let it be known, that these are clones and don’t capture the real taste. Proof of this is that we still sell thousands of bottles to Saudi Arabia every year. We even make a special 500ml bottle that we sell exclusively to our Saudi Arabian wholesalers. Any Saudi Arabian e-liquid sellers can feel free to contact us at if they wish to purchase from us.

Importing Hawk Sauce to Saudi Arabia

Vapers in Saudi Arabia have a harder time than most getting the e-liquid they require. With strict vaping laws it can be hard to get e-liquid past customs. At Mt Baker Vapor International we work with DHL Express and have a great track record of making sure our e-liquid orders get to our customers in Saudi Arabia. This includes both large wholesale orders and smaller retail orders. With over 9 years in the industry, we have become experts at getting our KSA customers the Hawk Sauce they know and love.

Hawk Sauce in KSA

To cater to our customers in Saudi Arabia (or KSA as it is often called), we offer Hawk Sauce in many different forms. For those wishing to DIY their e-liquid, we offer Hawk Sauce in a 30ml Flavour Concentrate. For those looking to experience the benefits of CBD, we also offer Hawk Sauce in a 60ml CBD e-liquid. But our most popular retail offering of Hawk Sauce is our 125ml/250ml custom e-liquid. With our custom e-liquid, you can get your Hawk Sauce in almost any style you want:

      • Four Different Blends
      • 9 Different Nic Strengths
      • Added Flavour Shots
      • Saltnic and Regular Nic Options

For Retail Customers looking to purchase Hawk Sauce, just go to the following link:

Hawk Sauce Retail Bottles

Please Note: This is the same exact e-juice that is in the chrome 500mls.

Mt Baker Vapor International Wholesale in Saudi Arabia

For those Saudi Arabian e-juice vendors looking to get Hawk Sauce in a larger bottle, look no further than here. Our wholesale site offers Hawk Sauce in bulk concentrate and bulk e-liquid. We also offer it in a special 500ml chrome bottle as shown below:

hawk sauce e-juice

To order these chrome bottles, all you need to do is shoot us an email at Please note, for wholesale orders there is a 10 bottle minimum order.

Shipping to KSA

When purchasing from Mt Baker Vapor International, you know your dealing with a company that knows how to ship e-liquid. Since 2011, we have shipped over 1.5 million orders to over 150 countries. We know how to work with customers in areas that are restrictive to e-liquid. This means that our customers in KSA will have a great chance of getting the Hawk Sauce they have purchased. Whether you are a retail customer or a wholesale customer. We will work with you to make sure you get the Hawk Sauce you require.