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Mt Baker Vapor in Australia

Getting Mt Baker Vapor in Australia

Getting e-liquid in Australia can truly be a hassle for vapers. The Australian government has put harsh vaping laws in place that make it difficult for vapers to get the e-juice they need. In are only allowed to carry e-liquid without nicotine. Vapers are thus forced to buy to import nicotine from China. And why does this matter to us? Because we offer a solution to it!

At Mt Baker Vapor International, we sell large bottles of e-juice at an affordable price. They come in over 170 different flavours with options to customize your e-juice to suite your needs. Ever had a hard time finding a bottle of e-juice that has 4.5mg/ml nic strength? We have that! Ever want a 30vg/70pg blend with 24mg/ml in salt-nic? We have that! Just about every possible combination of blend, nic strength, nic type and flavour you could possibly ever need is available. There is also the option ice or sweetness to any flavour! How does this effect Australia? Because instead of buying e-liquid locally, you can import it from us. In our large bottles that are affordably priced you can actually SAVE money when buying from us. And get the exact e-liquid you want!

But Shipping to Australia is Expensive!

We even have a solution to that! We offer flat rate shipping to Australia. This means that no matter how much e-liquid you order, you will pay a flat rate. We like to think of ourselves as the Costco of e-liquid. Let me show you how it works. Come into our webshop and craft the exact type of e-liquid you want. Then you fill up your cart. You will notice that we have a constant deal where if you buy 5 of the same product type, you only pay for 4! So now you will notice that your 5th bottle is free!

Once all this is done and you’re ready to check out, you select which shipping you want. We have both a cost saving Royal Mail option and a lightning fast DHL Express option. Now that you’ve placed your order, your e-juice arrives in Australia and now you have enough e-liquid to last you a month! Or maybe even longer depending on how much you buy. No more heading to the store and paying an arm and a leg for a single bottle without nicotine!

Mt Baker Vapor Flavours

A wise Aussie once told me that he had spent the last five years trying to clone Hawk Sauce. He finally came to the realization that it’s not possible! What am I getting at with this little parable! Mt Baker Vapor flavours are great! For over 9 years we have been selling e-liquid to the entire world. Our vast amount of time in this industry has given us years to craft different flavours. Just because we offer so many different flavours, doesn’t mean that they aren’t all quality.

Our whole company was founded by vapers. For years and years, those vapers were also crafting liquids that they wanted to vape. So our flavours weren’t created willy-nilly, but instead honed by hard core vapers that knew what kind of flavours they wanted. So know that whichever flavour you choose from Mt Baker Vapor, you are getting a flavour that was crafted by a vape wizard.

Australian Vapers

Having a hard time choosing a flavour from our massive catalog? Well here is a little bit of fun info. Below we will list the top sellers that other Australian customers have purchased.

  1. Hawk Sauce
  2. Thug Juice
  3. Forestberry Fusion
  4. Extreme Ice
  5. USA Blend Tobacco
  6. Strawbana
  7. Juicy Cube
  8. Desert Rain
  9. Blue Moo
  10. Huckleberry Ice Cream
  11. Blue Ice
  12. Cinnamon Roll
  13. Butterscotch
  14. Swedish Fish
  15. Strawberry Shortcake
  16. Banana Cream Pie
  17. Wild Strawberry
  18. Vanilla Tobacco
  19. Menthol
  20. Cotton Candy

Not Just E-liquid – Mt Baker Vapor Concentrate and Aroma

Many of our Australian customers are also DIY wizards. That is why we offer 30ml Flavour Concentrates in all our flavours! Flavour Concentrate/Aromas is great in that it allows you to craft your own e-juice. It is a fun and rewarding experience to toy around and mix and match your own flavours! No longer will you just be buying e-liquid that is premade, but you will be crafting your own wonderful recipes.
Making your own e-liquid is surprisingly easy. You just add your Mt Baker Vapor Flavour Concentrate to some pg and vg and boom! Now you have e-juice. You then add whichever percentage of nicotine you want and you are ready to go. I won’t go into the specifics in this blog. But later articles we will show you a step by step guide to crafting your own e-liquid from scratch.

Mt Baker Vapor CBD

Last but not least, we have our CBD line. In five of our most popular flavours we offer CBD e-liquid. CBD offers a variety of positive benefits. The most effective way to get CBD into your system is to vape it. Therefore why not vape it in a flavour you love! We offer our CBD in the following flavours:

  1. Hawk Sauce
  2. Blue Moo
  3. Tropical Breeze
  4. Desert Rain
  5. Blue Ice

Mt Baker Vapor International Customer Service

We know that without our customers we would be nothing. So that is why we take your satisfaction seriously. We do everything we can to make sure that our Australian customers get their e-liquid. If you should have any problems with customs, we will work with you to make sure the e-liquid gets to you. And if you aren’t happy with a flavour, get in touch with us at and we will do our best to get you sorted out.