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Mt Baker Vapor Visuals – Scarborough

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Scarborough Night Walk

“Are you going to Scarborough Fair?…”

In this blog, we’ll take you through a special highlight of North Yorkshire. Scarborough is the home of rich culture and historical sights, and there’s an adventure to be had day or night, rain or shine. As such, many walks are enjoyable even in the wintertime. For this reason, Mt Baker Vapor will guide you through such an adventure, with a little bit of preparation and your favourite e-juice.

Rennards Fish & Chips

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First, you’re in for a treat if you’re a fan of fish and chips. Stop by Rennards on your way over for some of the best battered fish and chips with gravy. Next, walk across the street where there are plenty of benches for a picnic near the church.

St Mary’s Church

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It’s easy to appreciate the historic value of these walls. For example, this church is the historic site of Anne Brontë’s grave. Therefore, take your time here to explore. After you’ve enjoyed the church grounds, cross the street to a path on Mulgrave Place wraps around the Castle By the Sea Hotel. Here, you’ll be rewarded with a secret overlook of the North Bay Beach which will take your breath away.

Scarborough Castle

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Next, turn right and follow the path from the hidden overlook. This leads you around to the ruins of Scarborough Castle at the top of the cliff. There are three grand panoramic views from here. This includes the cliffs and ruins, the North Bay and the town below.

Castlegate by Royal Albert Park

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After a vape break by the ruins, the path leads you down around Royal Albert Park and down onto Castlegate. Enjoy the local architecture while you walk down to the harbour and take pictures along the way.

Scarborough Harbour

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Subsequently, you’ll arrive on the fishing pier. The harbour is as lively as ever. For example, during tourist season, you can book fishing trips through Skylark. In contrast, you can sign up for the Scarborough Speedboat Rides from this pier.

Raincliffe Woods

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Next, you can take a break from the town lights and explore the local wildlife. On the west side of Scarborough, just 3 miles from the centre of town, lies the Raincliffe Woods. These woods boast excellent walking trails and camping opportunities.

Row Brow Farm & Throxenby Mere

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For instance, a popular campsite along the woods is the Row Brow Farm. One reason is due to the proximity of the Throxenby Mere, which is a very popular fishing spot. Secondly, it features boardwalks and plenty of walking trails to explore.

Ancient Woodland

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Moreover, the Raincliffe Woods is an extension of the Forge Valley Woods. Combined, they are known as “ancient planted woods.” As a result, many Scarborough residents like to come here for dog walking, mountain biking and taking a leisurely stroll on the weekends. Additionally, it would make for a good hike up to the top for a campfire in the evening.

Night-time Preparations

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Finally, finish your walking adventure with a good campfire. A fire pit and carved log benches await the top of the hill and open cliff. Bring a head torch and some fire starter to be prepared because you are sure to have a rewarding break at the top.

Mt Baker Vapor Flavours of the Week

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Ultimately, I’ve been greatly relieved with how effective vaping has helped me quit smoking. This trip I was vaping Cotton Candy because it is one of our flavours of the week. It felt appropriate for the trip because I couldn’t get the song “Scarborough Fair” by Simon & Garfunkel out of my head.

On a final note, I hope you’ve enjoyed my spontaneous night time adventure. It just goes to show fun can be had in any season, weather or even time of day. A fresh perspective can bring a lot of beauty and joy to your weekend.

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