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Vökvar/E-Juice in Reykjavik

Vökvar/E-Juice in Reykjavik

Getting your vökvar in Reykjavik can be a pain in the neck. Whether you live in Reykjavik or Kópavogur, your options can be limited and daunting. This is because many brands don’t take the time to target smaller markets. They are also daunted by the high shipping fees involved with getting e-liquid there. But not Mt Baker Vapor International! Many of our customers in Iceland have discovered the benefits of using our webshop to purchase their e-liquid. Want to know how? Then read on!

Flat Rate Shipping

The killer with getting e-liquid into Iceland is the expensive shipping fees. When an Icelandic vaper imports their e-liquid, they are often being forced to triple the amount of money they spend on their purchase. That is where Mt Baker Vapor International comes into play. We offer flat rate shipping to our customers. That means no matter how much you purchase, you will only pay one flat rate fee! This is great for our Icelandic customers because they are able to stock up on vökvar and negate a large portion of the added shipping costs.

Large E-juice Bottles Means Large Savings

One thing that makes Mt Baker Vapor International unique is that we offer larger bottle sizes. These larger bottles are affordably priced and come as custom shortfill vökvar. This makes importing your e-liquid into Reykjavik a very fiscally viable option. Our e-liquid can be customized in the following ways:

172 Classic Mt Baker Vapor Flavours
Four Blends
7 Nic Strengths
Added Flavour Shots
Add Ice/Sweetener
120 Bottles

Our webshop allows you to easily craft your perfect shortfill vökvar. And if you are not happy with your product, we will do everything we can to help you find the right e-liquid for you.

Mt Baker Vapor Flavour Aromas and CBD

Mt Baker Vapor is also available as Flavour Concentrates and CBD E-liquid. Our Flavour Concentrates come in over 150 flavours. This is great for those who want to save money and craft their own e-liquid/vökvar. Our CBD range is available in 5 of our most popular flavours.

Reykjavik E-juice is Just a Click Away

Regardless of how you purchase vökvar in Iceland, you are going to pay shipping fees. Even when you purchase from a local shop, the shipping cost that they pay is going to be passed on to you. You are also forced to pay the inflated cost that they have to charge to cover their overhead. At Mt Baker Vapor International, all are e-liquid is crafted by us. That means that you are getting factory direct pricing and not paying for any costs in between. That we are also located in Scotland is a bonus in that you won’t be waiting long for your product since we are the closest country. This is a win-win for vapers in Reykjavik.

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