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Shipping Ejuice and Vape into Australia

How to ship E-juice and Vape Products into Australia

Mt Baker Vapor International has one of the most unique and successful operations for shipping e-juice and other vape products into Australia. How do we have such a high success rate and shipping E-juice into Australia? Let’s find out.

Shipping Ejuice And Vape Into Australia

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Lush Ice Sauce in Saudi Arabia

Lush Ice Sauce 2

New Product Offerings in Saudi Arabia

We are excited to announce that we are launching a new flavour in Saudi Arabia. This flavour is Lush Ice Sauce. Mt Baker Vapor’s Lush Ice Sauce is a sweet mix of watermelon flavour with sweet and juicy notes that is complemented by a sugary candy with a smooth menthol for an icy finish.. This flavour is being offered exclusively as a 60ml bottle to all our wholesale customers. Manufactured in the UK and distributed exclusively via Hawks Vapes in Saudi Arabia.

No need to Import Lush Ice to Saudi Arabia

Vapers in Saudi Arabia have a harder time than most getting the e-liquid they require. With strict vaping laws it can be hard to get e-liquid past customs. With our new Lush Ice Sauce flavour we are manufacturing it in the United Kingdom, but are distributing directly to our wholesale customers from Hawks  Vape in Saudi Arabia. So you won’t need to worry about expensive shipping fee and hassles at customs.

How to purchase Lush Ice Sauce and other Mt Baker Vapor 30mls/60mls in Saudi Arabia

Lush Ice Sauce 2

You can either purchase directly from our distributor at Hawks Vapes or you can get in touch with us here via where we can set up payment via our debit/credit card system.


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Mt Baker Vapor Visuals – Ben Vrackie

Mt Baker Vapor Benvrackieblunder 2

Vapor Visuals – Blunders at Ben Vrackie

Intro: Not all hikes end in a glorious victory. Some end with an epic memory instead. One of the Mt Baker Vapor team members recommended Ben Vrackie as a beautiful hike to explore. Even though I did my best to prepare, events didn’t quite go as planned. However, I hope you will enjoy the few gems I discovered along the way!

First, I forgot to set my alarm for early in the morning. Consequently, we set off late in the day. However, I did manage to pack everything I needed, including plenty of water and a packed dinner.

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Mt Baker Vapor Visuals – Deil’s Cauldron

mt baker vapor deils cauldron 10

Deil’s Cauldron Nature Walk

“The River Lednock cascades out from a rocky gorge in the atmospheric tree-clad amphitheatre known as the Deil’s Cauldron.”

What better description for a mini-getaway and breath of fresh air? For this reason, I decided to stretch my legs by exploring this popular trail. It is featured in many trail websites due to its many waterfalls. Besides, what could be more tantalizing than visiting a place named “The Devil’s Kettle”?
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Mt Baker Vapor Visuals – Castle Campbell

mt baker vapor castle campbell 3

Vape Adventures in Dollar, Scotland

Today’s  vape adventure involved a trek to the medieval Castle Campbell nestled above the darling town of Dollar, Scotland. Dollar immediately struck me as a quaint and historic town with beautiful architecture. This town attracts a large number of visitors each year and it’s easy to see why. One of the main attractions to Dollar is Castle Campbell, which once hosted famous historical figures such as Mary Queen of Scots and John Knox. Continue reading Mt Baker Vapor Visuals – Castle Campbell